Get Involved!

Your Green Party of Canada candidate and her team are doing a lot around the community. Here’s how you can get involved to help your local candidate or get involved with the upcoming election:

Local protest in 2021 against MZOs and their use for the destruction of natural wetlands in Durham

Want a sign?
Getting a sign on your lawn is great way to show your support and let everyone know about your decision to vote according to your Green values. Getting a sign is easy, free, and we will pick them up at the end of the election. Please email and let us know you want a sign. Please ensure to include your full name and address, and one of our volunteers will come by with your sign.

Want to Volunteer?
We need volunteers to get our message out! To volunteer your time please email:

(Ensure you provide your full name, what you are willing to help with, and your availability. Thank you for your enthusiasm!)

Need more Information?
Trying to find Green events in our riding near you? Looking to find out what’s happening around Ajax with your local Green candidate? Check out our Vision page, E-Newsletter, which will be released periodically throughout the campaign. To sign up to receive our Newsletter, please email:

Green rally at Queens Park, 2019

How to Show Your Support:

Contact Leigh, your Green Party of Canada candidate for Ajax (

Donate to support your local riding and candidate!

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